Welcome to WILLIAM SADLER ONLINE @ williamsadler.org a website dedicated to American actor William Sadler. Best known for his various roles in differing projects, William has played everything from an anarchist military man in DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER to a fireman seeking gold in TRESPASS, to a convict in THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, a soldier for God in TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT, and a member of a secret organization inside The Federation in DEEP SPACE NINE. But his most 'infamous' role has been as the Grim Reaper/Death in BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY, AND BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC. William has many other film credits to his name including THE MIST, THE HOT SPOT, RUSH, THE GREEN MILE, KINSEY and many more. William has also become a staple in episodic television including as Sheriff Jim Valenti in the CW's ROSWELL and in HOMELAND, POWER, BERLIN STATION, THE COMEY RULE and lends his voice to the Comedy channel's OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT. William also has an extensive career on the stage in such productions as JULIUS CAESAR, 24 HOUR PLAYS, EXIT THE KING and many more. This site is dedicated to giving you the most up-to-date information on William's career. Do not expect candids to be posted as this site supports William's wishes for privacy. To read what will or won't be posted, feel free to read this site's Candids policy.
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“The Green Mile” – HD Screencaps & Media

According to Bill this was if not the most traumatic of his films to make. Given the subject matter and that he and his wife, Marni, had just had a daughter almost the same age of the two daughters Klaus Detterick finds murdered. THE GREEN MILE was for Bill the second of his films he made with director Frank Darabont and the second based off of a Stephen King best seller. The other two would be THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION where Bill played Heywood, and THE MIST where Bill played Jim Grondin. If you want to read what Bill had to say about filming this movie, please check out the article here: Why William Sadler’s Green Mile Scene Was The Hardest Thing He Ever Had To Film. This film is one of the reasons I admire Bill as I do. The level of emotions and dedication to presenting the grief a father would feel in this type of situation is heartbreaking. Also I gotta say it, Bill looks beautiful in this film. He simply looks beautiful.

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“Confess” – HD Screencaps & Media

This is an indie film Bill did in 2005 where he plays the part of a shady senator named Roger Lampert. The title of the film is CONFESS and may I say Bill appears largely in the nude and looks amazing while doing it. This wasn’t the upload I was planning on making, however, after a ton of stupid mistakes I abandoned the other project I was working on and went the easy route. Hope you don’t mind. Included are Bill’s limited scenes.


“Rush” – HD Screencaps & Media

Bill was just plain creepy as Monroe in this 1991 film RUSH. The whole film is depressing and sad, but Bill’s one scene is enough. The performances were amazing and the ending is one to remember….an ending I won’t give away in case you haven’t seen it. I am including Bill’s only scene because it’s not that long. And gotta say it, Bill looks very good in those overalls. Even the tattoos look good, though thank the gods they’re rub ons. I’ve also included the opening credits to Bill’s then the final credits including the song Help Me Up written and performed by Eric Clapton. Please click on the links below.


“The Comey Rule” – HD Screencaps

Bill plays the part of Ret. General Michael Flynn in this true adaptation of the James Comey book A Higher Loyalty. In THE COMEY RULE Bill was inspired in his role. He plays Flynn as if he was nothing but a stooge. In the scene where Flynn first meets Russian president Vladimir Putin (Stass Klassen), it seems Flynn is a bit too enamoured of the despot. The scene is likely the lead-up to the infamous dinner Flynn sat in on before the 2016 election. Bill is kind of funny as Flynn, almost depicting him as a member of the Keystone Cops instead of a seasoned military man. I was a bit torn between two scenes to use for the featured post image, so I chose two. The first is his looking at a portrait of Russia Tsar Peter The Great from episode one, and the other when Flynn is enjoying what looks like a brownie. I hope Bill doesn’t mind my choosing these two images, but they sort of chose themselves.

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“Man On A Ledge” – HD Screencaps

To say this film is quirky is cutting it short. This is the ultimate heist film with a bunch of twists and turns. Bill’s character though by all intents and purposes seems to be a small one, but turns out to be integral to the plot that is why I’m not going to give anything away by posting any clips to the film. I really want his fans to experience this film on your own. I have to say this film buttresses his earlier film HANKY PANKY quite well. It seems Bill got a bit of ahhhhhhh, promotion? Here Bill plays another Frank. This follows his role as Frank Brayker in DEMON KNIGHT.


A Note From William/Bill….. And a Huge Thank You From William Sadler Online

To say I’m honoured is undercutting it. I have been fortunate to receive a message from William/Bill in support of this site. He has also graciously allowed me to post the note he sent me. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for his kindness. Here is what he had to say:

Hi guys,
I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing web site. I’ve been working at this acting craft for a very long time and it’s truly gratifying to see that people have been watching all these years. Let me know if you have questions I can help with and keep up the good work!
William Sadler

PS..feel free to post this note if you wish.

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“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” – Season 3 HD Screencaps & Stills

William continued his role of President of the United States Matthew Ellis into season three of the ABC television series AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.. In the aftermath of the Avengers battle to defend Sokovia, Ellis saw the defeat of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the immersion of Advanced Threat Containment Unit as depicted on this series. As usual William was excellent and I loved seeing him again as Ellis. Included in the post are the HD screencaps and stills from his episodes. Clips might be forthcoming.

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“Iron Man 3” – HD Screencaps

Here are the screencaps for William’s performance in the Marvel big screen actioner IRON MAN 3 as President of the United States Matthew Ellis. “Iron”ically I’m posting this on the day former Vice-President Joe Biden will win the 2020 presidential race. I find it apropos for this for as Eillis, William displayed all the traits needed for the presidency. Yeah Ellis is a fictional character, but hell William played him wonderfully. I’m Canadian, but hell I’d vote for Ellis. Oh and he also got to wear the War Machine armor. I will never call it The Iron Patriot. Ever.

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“Kinsey” – HD Screencaps & Media

William took the risky move in playing Kenneth Braun, a prolific pedophile and sexual deviant in the film KINSEY. It’s bravery like this that makes William someone who fears little in his pursuit of his craft. Whether it’s playing a terrorist, an executioner, a fictional killer, or as in this case someone so monstrous it’s hard to fathom. This just shows what an actor William is. I was most impressed with his work in this.

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“Hanky Panky” – HD Screencaps & Media

I went with one of William’s latest works in the post before this one, I thought we’d go all the way back to one of his first. Here he plays a rather cute hotel clerk in the comedy HANKY PANKY starring the late Gene Wilder and his wife, the late Gilda Radner. The film was directed by Sidney Poitier. William had only one scene in it so I thought I’d just clip it out so you can see him. I’ve added opening and closing credits to fill out the clip. Enjoy.