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“She Came From the Woods” Official Trailer
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“She Came From the Woods” Official Trailer

Third post for the night. Gee it’s good to be back….. We have a trailer for Bill’s upcoming horror film SHE CAME FROM THE WOODS where he plays the part of Gilbert McCalister. Enjoy.

She Came From The Woods Trailer Confirms That Summer Camp Is Still a Murderous Affair

The horror genre is no stranger to films set at a summer camp where people inevitably end up dying in a myriad of horrible ways. She Came From The Woods is the latest example of this trope, and one that seems to be doubling down on it given it takes place in 1987, which was a time rife with summer camp killers.

Summer is almost over a Camp Briarbrook! And that means it’s time to shotgun some beers around the campfire while you accidentally invoke a decades-old evil that lives in the surrounding woods. That evil (apparently in female form, given the title) then starts murdering campers and their counselors. Does she do so on her own, or does she possess people? The trailer isn’t clear on that front, though it is clear that many people get murdered in various bloody ways.

I’m not one to judge a movie by its trailer, but if I’m being honest, this trailer makes the movie not seem particularly good, not least because I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a horror comedy or a serious slasher or something else entirely. I could be wrong, however, and this film could be the next Oscar contender. You never know!

If you want to decide for yourself, you can check out She Came From The Woods starring Cara Buono (Stranger Things) and William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption) when it slays its way into theaters on February 10, 2023.



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